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Cybersecurity in the Monitoring Center 
Every person in the monitoring center is key to reducing the risk of cybercrime. Operator vigilance can make a difference and everyone’s cooperation is essential. This module will help students .... [read more] 
False Alarm Impact Awareness Training (for the Alarm Owner) 

The Monitoring Association (TMA) and the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) have created this course to help alarm users understand the importance of avoiding false alarms and to offer .... [read more] 

Module 1: Introduction to the Monitoring Industry 

Module Description Learn about the people, systems and general policies of the professional monitoring industry with an emphasis on the important role of the monitoring center operator. .... [read more] 

Module 2: Technology and the Monitoring Industry 

Module Description This module introduces the new operator to the need-to-know basics of how technology works in the professional monitoring industry.
We’ll also discover how .... [read more] 

Module 3: Effective Communication 

Module Description The operator will learn about the critical role communication skills play in the monitoring center. We will begin with defining communication methods and apply them to .... [read more] 

Module 4: The Monitoring Process 

Module Description This module presents updated terminology transitioning from alarm verification to the monitoring process, and offers expanded terms from classic alarm references to .... [read more] 

Module 5: False Alarm Prevention (for Operators) 

Module Description When you complete this module you will understand what false alarms are and how they impact the monitoring industry. You’ll be able to define the difference between a .... [read more] 

Module 6: Industry Readiness and Monitoring Center Security 

Module Description In this module, the operator will discover the importance of monitoring center security and readiness. You will learn about the different types of events that could .... [read more] 

Module 7: Monitoring Center Operator Code of Excellence 

Module Description The Monitoring Center Operator Code of Excellence is our industry’s commitment to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional and personal behavior in .... [read more] 

TMA Online Operator Level 2 

The TMA Operator Level 2 Online Training Course is an appropriate next step training for anyone who has completed and passed Level 1. It is also of great benefit to any related monitoring .... [read more] 

TMA Recertification: Customer Service 

TMA Recertification: Customer Service

This course applies for re-certification for TMA Five Diamond. Topics covered include effective communication strategies for operators in the .... [read more] 

TMA Recertification: Operations 

TMA Recertification: Operations

This course applies for re-certification for TMA Five Diamond. Topics covered include the key components of monitoring center operations and functions. .... [read more] 

TMA Recertification: Operator Level 1 

TMA’s training program now contains a recertification component requiring previously certified operators to recertify every three years beginning in 2021.

Recertification ensures .... [read more] 

TMA Recertification: Technology 

TMA Recertification: Technology

This course applies for re-certification for TMA Five Diamond. Topics covered include the key technology used in Monitoring Centers including security of .... [read more] 

TMA Online Operator Level 1 

In 2017 the Level 1 course was rewritten to address the challenges of 21st century monitoring. A manageable introduction to the industry through an absorbing, inspiring e-learning .... [read more] 

Alarm Industry Employee Orientation 

This interactive training is designed to equip you with the tools you need on the job to more effectively deal with customers, public safety response agencies and internal .... [read more] 

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